Dana & Feynan

Melting pot from Europe, Africa and Asia

Combination Of Natural

Dana Biosphere Reserve is an area of staggering beauty, history, and biodiversity. The only reserve in Jordan that encompasses the four different bio-geographical zones of the country (Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian and Sudanian), it is a melting pot of species from Europe, Africa and Asia. Such a combination of natural communities in a single area is unique in Jordan and many of Dana Biosphere Reserve’s animals and plants are very rare. So far, a total of 800 plant speciesand 449 animal species have been recorded in the Reserve, of which 25 are known to be endangered, including the Sand Cat, the Syrian Wolf, the Lesser Kestrel and the Spiny Tailed Lizard.
Nawatef Trail
This circular trail begins from the Al-Barrah area and takes you to the beautiful mountains.
Dana Biosphere Reserve
Dana Biosphere Reserve
Dana Biosphere Reserve
Dana Biosphere Reserve

Perfect for adventure lovers who have no fear of heights

Dana's unique landscape is formed by an outcrop (exposed bedrock) of fluvial sandstone, dating back to the Paleozoic and Lower Cretaceous. It is also covered by shallow marine carbonate rocks from the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary period. The area around Dana is further characterized by a horst (called the Dana Horst) formed by two faults running from East to West, which are the Salawan fault and the Dana fault. The Horst contains Precambrian Granitoids and volcanic rocks in contact with Cretaceous rocks. The origin of this basaltic formation is believed to be from two distinct volcanic eruptions: the first dating back to somewhere between the Miocene and Pleistocene, while the second is a highly recent eruption of the nearby Jabal Al-Qadisyah.[3]

Flora and fauna

Dana is the most diverse area of plant life in the country, consisting of numerous vegetation types including: Phoenician juniper, evergreen oak, sand dunes, acacia, and rocky sudanian.

Dana is the southernmost area in the world to host the Mediterranean cypress, Cupressus sempervirens. Of the hundreds of plants species inhabiting Dana, three can be found nowhere else in the world.[which?] Many plants, especially trees and shrubs, grow in the highlands of the nature reserve.

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